Fixing the Housing Crisis

Our region is on the frontline of the housing crisis, with some of the highest rents and greatest number of rough sleepers in the country. With rents increasing seven times faster than wages, and millions locked out of the housing market, it's only getting worse.

After months of enormous pressure from The Greens and the community, backed by a grassroots campaign driven by volunteers, we sent a clear message to the Government that we demand more spending on public housing. The result was an additional $3 billion in funding for public and community housing. Community campaigning works. 

We’re putting the major parties on notice, we’re not going to stop. We have a massive national campaign machine that is fighting for our community and to genuinely fix the housing crisis.

The proposed Help-to-Buy Scheme is also a drop in the ocean with potentially damaging ripples... for more information on why click here:

To fix the housing crisis, I want to:

  • Stop further interest rate increases using existing powers
  • Freeze on rent increases for 2 years and 2% caps after that. Unlimited rent increases should be illegal.
  • National renters’ rights, including an end to no grounds evictions
  • $5 billion Federal funding directly invested every year to build good quality public and affordable homes, funded by:
    • Phasing out negative gearing and capital gains tax discount, to give first home buyers a chance