Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women & Girls

The Greens are pushing for urgent action to tackle Australia’s domestic violence crisis. More than one woman per week dies at the hands of a current or former partner. Our front line services, shelters and housing providers are overstretched and underfunded. We must make sure no-one facing violence is left to walk alone. 

The Greens policy to end gendered violence calls for:

  • Invest $12 billion over 12 years to fully fund frontline domestic violence support services, so that no victim-survivor is turned away when they seek help
  • $1 billion per year to fully fund frontline and prevention services, 
  • Invest $477 million over four years to support the national rollout of Our Watch’s Respectful Relationships education program in all public schools
  • Support women fleeing abusive relationships by providing $10,000 Survivor Grants and 10 days paid domestic violence leave 
  • Support a detailed, outcome-focused National Plan to End Violence Against Women and Children, which recognises specialist needs of vulnerable communities, and a standalone National Plan to End Violence Against First Nations Women and Children, designed and implemented by First Nations women and community organisations

As a working mother of five, I know how tough it is to cover childcare costs. The pandemic saw the Government provide free childcare showing that it was possible. Then they cut the program returning parents to steep fees in July last year. It’s time to recognise childcare as an essential service available to anyone who needs it, not just those who can afford it. 

That’s why the Greens will:

  • Invest $19bn over the forward estimates to ensure childcare is free and accessible for everyone
  • Extend universal access to early childhood education for all 3 and 4 year olds to 24 hours a week
  • Ensure early childhood educators have well paid, secure jobs
  • Strengthen early learning for First Nations children through support for Aboriginal community-controlled services
  • Phase out for-profit early learning and treat early learning as an essential service.