End Dirty Donations

Parliament should serve the people, and work in the best interests of all Australians. Money shouldn’t be able to buy political influence, access or policy outcomes. The laws on political donations need to be cleaned up, just like the old polluting industries that exploit them.

Coal, gas and oil corporations don’t donate millions every year to the Liberals, Nationals and Labor because they’re huge fans of democracy – they do it because it gets results. Let’s call this what it is: legalised bribery.

The influence of dirty donations on government decisions is why Australia has waited so long for stronger environmental protections and real action on climate change. 

To end dirty donations, I want to:

  • Get dirty money out of politics. We will ban all donations from coal and gas corporations, and cap all other donations to $1,000 per year. 
  • Lift parliamentary standards with an enforceable Code of Conduct. Introduce truth in political advertising laws, and ensure public money is not being used to promote political party interests.
  • Fund the Australian National Audit Office to audit all government programs and stop the rorting of public funds  
  • Stop Ministers taking cushy industry jobs in industries they used to regulate within 5 years of leaving parliament