Defeating Dark Money

Advance Australia, a far-right lobby group who spent millions of dollars to defeat the Voice referendum, have announced they're spending $5 MILLION against Greens candidates in winnable seats - and Mandy is one of their top targets. 

That's why Mandy and the team are hosting an emergency briefing for new and experienced volunteers to learn more about how we fight back against dark money. Sign up below to hear more! 

If Mandy gets to Canberra, she won't be a friend to the billionaires, big corporations or far-right forces. In fact, she'll fight tooth and nail to tax the mega-profits of the rich, to fund thousands of public and affordable homes, dental into Medicare, and an end to new coal and gas. 

Labor accepts thousands of dollars in dirty donations from big corporations who are causing the cost of living crisis - the big supermarkets, big banks, fossil fuel giants, and more. That's why they're fighting so hard to keep Labor in government. 

Our local Labor MP is spending thousands of dollars to spread lies about the Greens, just like the people who toppled the YES campaign. We won't let them buy this election. 

Learn more about our plan to fight back by signing up below. 



July 04, 2024 at 6:00pm - 7pm


On Zoom


Will Black · · 0468 328 502


Peta Yaxley Rebekah O Flaherty Stephen Carney Georgia Barr Bron Martin Alyse Parham Chloe McGeary Raym Richards

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