Addressing the Cost of Living Crisis

The power of big corporations, given to them by governments, is driving the cost of living crisis. It's pushing millions of people into poverty. It’s driving people into debt and homelessness. 

In a country as rich as Australia, none of it is necessary.  In Norway, a country whose government makes their big fossil fuel corporations pay their fair share of tax, they use the money to ensure everyone has access to free education. In Australia, polticians are giving fossil fuel corporations billions of dollars of public money, and forcing people into debt to attend a University and get an education. 

Big corporations are fuelling the cost of living crisis. Coles and Woolies are driving up the cost of food. Banks are reaping massive profits through making people pay more and more on their home loans. Healthcare is becoming unaffordable. Energy companies are making huge profits on higher and higher energy bills. 

To address the cost of living crisis, I want to:

  • Make dental and mental health free under Medicare
  • Free education from school to TAFE and university
  • Wipe student debt
  • Build one million new affordable homes and cap rents
  • Free childcare
  • Increase the minimum wage
  • Raise all income support payments to $88/day