Supporting Community Services

Without increased ongoing government funding our community services are struggling to keep up with demand and are being forced to focus all of their attention on fundraising to retain services. 

Community services are a lifeline for so many in our community. Especially as the housing and cost of living crises continue to worsen.

We cannot play a game of chicken with the lives of the most vulnerable in our community. Where is the support for the social services that our community so desperately needs? 

To support community services, I want to: 

  • fully funding specialist housing and homelessness services with secure funding by commissioning 5-year contracts to enable certainty and innovative service delivery.
  • increase the provision of early intervention, support services and programs for people at risk of homelessness, as well as for people to exit homelessness and secure ongoing housing.
  • lower the priority age for social housing eligibility from 80 years old so that the growing number of at-risk older people, especially women, will be eligible for priority public and social housing.
  • guarantee funding for neighbourhood and community centres
  • fund local programs to target social isolation and strengthen community connections