Lets Talk: Coercive Control: Mullumbimby

Do you know what it feels like to be the victim of coercive control? It’s such a subtle manipulation of one’s freedoms and identity that it can easily be dismissed. But the end results can be fatal.

In fact, in 97% of intimate partner domestic violence homicides, the victim had experienced this form of controlling abuse. Coercive behaviour can take the form of financial control of your bank account, controlling choices whereby your opinion doesn’t count, monitoring and stalking, isolation and physical violence. I want to unpack with you the new Coercive Control laws that came into effect on July 1 so that you know how to identify when and if this is being done to you and what your rights are.

I grew up with domestic violence so this is an issue close to my heart.  I want to make sure every woman in our community is safe.Right now the bill only covers intimate relationships but we know that this occurs across the board and we want to make sure that the Government knows where and when so they can include this in their review in 2026. Your input now matters!

Join me for a community discussion in Mullumbimby on the 6th August. 


August 06, 2024 at 6:00pm - 7:30pm


Mullum Ex Services Club


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